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سیستم اعلام حریق آنالوگ مدل CF1000

توضيح فارسي : Analogue addressable
fire detection panels
The Cooper Fire CF1000 range of analogue
fire detection panels are available as a 1 or 2-loop
configured panel.
It provides sophisticated ‘touch screen’ functionality yet
achieves a simple end-user interface operation within a
compact panel design.
The CF1000 panel range supports a complex causeand-
effect programming ability which, together with a
wide range of user controllable functions, make the panel
suitable for a wide range of projects
As with all Cooper Fire analogue panels the CF1000
range uses ‘spur-tolerant’ soft addressing, thereby
minimising installation time and removing the potential
for any errors often associated with forms of manual
The CF1000 panel loop components have been specifically
designed to operate as part of an integrated system;
this provides an assurance that the panel, sensors,
interfaces and other ancillaries are all fully compatible
with each other and that the full range of system
functionality is supported by each device.
• Large versatile touch screen display
• 1 and 2-loop panel versions
• Spur-tolerant soft addressing
• Short circuit isolators incorporated into every
loop device
• Up to 200 addresses per loop
• Network capable with CF3000 and CF2000 range
of panels
• Integral power supply
• Large selection of compatible ancillaries

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